This is a FANPAGE about After Romeo....a band with 5 boys from Los Angeles, California who live their Dream and make music together. Here you can find all NEWS, PICTURES, VIDEOS and more about After Romeo and their members Drew, Jayk, Devin, Tc and Blake...have fun! :)


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August 10th at the AVALON get ur tickets here

After Romeo in San Diego August 9th get your tickets now

new cover!!

performance and meet & greet this Saturday May 18th

music video teaser to ''free fall''

check out After Romeo's youtube channel

the FULL Music Video comes out May 2nd!!!

-the WEBISODES are back!!! >> this wednesday 8 minute long, watch it here >>

-New After Romeo Cover coming out soon


After Romeo's next performance! don't forget to buy tickets!!!

don't forget After Romeo's performance March 21st

After Romeo's performance March 16 at SXSW

CHECK OUT the NEW After Romeo acapella/dance video :)

Don't miss the first After Romeo Live Chat this Saturday, March 2nd ...6 pm west coast, 9 pm east coast

After Romeo will have their first performance in Vegas on monday February 11th ...get ready! the next weekend is a Meet & Greet !

After Romeo VLOG weekly!!!

Every Friday a NEW VLOG- video for all the juliets :)


Check Out the NEW After Romeo Cover - Kiss You

This is our Fan Video!!! A big THANK YOU to all Juliets who helped us....we hope you like it! :)


The boys will be performing on the show "More Access" on Fox 5 Las Vegas Monday, Feb 11th. The show airs at 6:30 pm west coast time!

Get ready for After Romeo's TV debut!


SAVE SOME SNOW - After Romeo

the first original song
First Coversong - As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber) by After Romeo

Welcome to our AFTER ROMEO Fanpage



Whats your favorite Song/Cover of After Romeo?

Save Some Snow (160)


As Long As You Love Me ( Cover ) (7)


I Knew You Were Trouble ( Cover ) (28)


Kiss You ( Cover ) (3)


Free Fall (13)


It Hurts (4)


On our Side (4)


One Night (4)


Wanted ( Cover ) (4)


Love on Lock (6)


Total votes: 233


what´s your favourite member?

Jayk (153)


Devin (11)


Drew (21)


Tc (19)


Blake (21)


Total votes: 225

After Romeo

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You guys totally rock

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You guys seriously rock!!!

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you guys are awesome and talented

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